KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Sunday, January 31, 2016


What's going on everyone. Today for our game of the day we played 3 player Colt Express with my Pops. He showed up for the day so we did some sitting and relaxing and such and before he had to leave we decided to try him out on it.

It was a FUN game and laughter at every move. I was trying to sabotage my lovely wife but only so he could win the game. It didn't work out the way I planned. Because of that, She ended up last, Dear ol Dad in 2nd and myself in 1st.

As always, thanks for reading and remember, Play games with your parents and other family members, It really brings everyone together :)


Tonight the family and I tried a 3 player test of The Game of Energy by Nathan Wright. We had a great time playing it and surprisingly even my 10 year old daughter liked it and seemed to have fun!

Just as surprising, I won! But my wife was CLOSE on my heels for the win. If she had just one or two more turns I'm sure she would have overtaken me for the win.

As always, thank you for reading! :)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Round boards ROCK!

 Played two awesome games today that have something in common but are worlds apart. Round boards and aliens!

First, my wife and I started with Lift Off: Get me off this planet! by Ed Baraf which is a fun competitive game that can be family friendly as well. We both succeeded on getting our alieneeples off of their planet.

Next up we played Asking for Trobils  by Chris Strain which is a space themed worker placement in which you are trying to trap aliens called Trobils because... well... they make trouble on the planets they visit. My wife ended up winning and my daughter came in second and myself in last.

As always, Thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Oh crap, The Castle!

 Tonight we decided to play castle panic. A GREAT co-op game or even single player. Unfortunately though, after what seemed like a successful battle we lost in the end. Still had a blast though, this is one of my favorites that we picked up last year.

My Beautiful wife!

Shadows have been cast over Blackburn Castle

As Always, Thank you for reading! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Was it you or was it MINE?

 Tonight we had our daughters friend come over for a while and she wanted to play a couple games with us. So we started out with one that the kids always like Minecraft: The Card Game and then followed it up with a game she taught us to play, Clue.

In minecraft, both girls took the win with a 16pt tie! When it came to clue, we were about 80% done with the game when her ride came to pick her up so we all lost that one.

All in all, it was a great night. Makes me wish we would have more like this.

As always, Thank you for reading! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dungeon Solo play!

Unfortunately my loving wife wasn't feeling to well so she went to bed early. This kind of thing is a challenge for me. I LOVE gaming but when you play a game solo it can get stale or even a bit tedious when there's no human interaction involved.

Now don't get me wrong. There are PLENTY of great solo games out there and I love finding ones that I can play and be entertained by. My point is simply that in our collection, we just don't have many of them.

Which brings me to my gaming choice for the night: Dungeon!

Dungeon is a hack and slash D&D dungeon crawl where players run through a huge dungeon and fight all sorts of monsters. When I monster is defeated, You get to collect loot for the level on which the monster was.

The goal is fairly simple. Get back to the grand hall with "X" amount of gold and treasure, where "X" is the value amount that each player has in relation to their class. I chose the rogue for my first solo adventure since his goal is one of the lowest at 10,000.

Now, the other interesting thing is, there are different ways to play the game solo. Although it's magnitudes more fun with others, this simply gives you a personal goal which is nice. For my goal, I chose to get the target amount of treasure and get back to the great hall before getting crushed twice and before the timer counted down from 30 minutes.

This may seem a little easy and to be honest, I didn't know what to expect with it being my first time but it was a TINY bit easy. Although, the easiness can also be accounted for by lucky dice rolls.

So by the end of the game, I had actually slain many a monsters in the dreaded dungeon and had come out with 9,500. With that in mind, I heroically ran into a level 3 room, Slain a monster after getting hit myself and proudly RAN to the great hall with the last 500 I needed to win. All within 15 minutes.

So now I'm thinking that on my next solo play I'll try to set the timer to 15 and see if I can beat it with all the same rules and such that I had this time.

As Always, Thank you very much for reading! :)

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Game of Energy

Today we played a prototype game I received in the mail called "The Game of Energy". It's from Nathan Wright as well as a few others and let me tell you.... WOW!

This game is wonderful, even for a prototype! Now, I'm not here to kiss ass or anything just because Nathan is an acquaintance but it REALLY is that good and LOOKS the part too.

To start off, We're playing a game where we are trying to supply energy to avoid total blackout. Be it hydroelectric, solar, wind or a few others. On our turns we "buy" from the various energy sources letting them create energy on the different areas we roll.

During the game, those different energy suppliers also earn us points in TWh and in credits. When you reach a predetermined goal specified by the number of players from 1 - 4 then the game ends. The one with the highest TWh wins.

Now, I KNOW that may not sound appealing to some out there but let me just say this. If you give it a play through, you will NOT be disappointed.

Look how beautiful that board looks!

The game will be coming to kickstarter soon so keep an eye out for a full review soon :)

As always, Thank you very much for reading and a special thank you to Nathan and his team for allowing me to play this!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Welcome to Burger Brain"

Tonight we had a confusing and then fun gaming session. It started with a game we received called 8 minute Empires: Lost Lands. It's supposedly a stand alone expansion to 8 minute Empire however there weren't even any rules regarding setup for the game. Instead it simply said "Setup is the same as in 8 minute Empire: Legends". That was a bit frustrating since I was looking forward to playing this game since I'd never heard of it before and the box art looked amazing.

So anyways, we ended up being able to talk our daughter into playing "Pass the Brain" with us which turned out to be a fun time for all.

As always, thank you for reading! :)

This Just In!

After a LONG day again we're still snowed in here with almost 2 feet of snow. This meant I've not been too motivated to do much other than sit here. I did manage to get a quick game of "Man Bites Dog" in with my daughter though.

She ended up winning this game as well.


As always, Thanks for reading, I'm off to bed! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Slayer of the Dragon!

Well, with all the snow hitting us today I think we're at around 15 or so inches so far. That has made for a pretty busy day in and of itself so we didn't get time to play a again until the LAST minutes of the day.

We decided on Dragon Slayer Dice Game since it's fun, fast and easy to play.

After doing some dragon battling, Turned out my daughter was the one to reach a higher score than me once end game triggered. #proudfather !

 Here's a few pics:

 And as always, Thank you for reading! :)