KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Review: Tiny Epic Western!

What's going on everyone! A while back I had gotten in contact with Nathan from Gamelyn Games and have been eagerly awaiting for something of theirs to hit kickstarter for two reasons...

The first reason is because they have a new game coming out!!! Tiny Epic Quest(TEQ from here on out)!!! I know I just used a LOT of exclamation points but it's with good reason, I promise you. Not only is the next "Tiny Epic" game about something I thoroughly enjoy, questing, but it also introduces a BRAND NEW PRODUCT into the Boardgaming Market!!!

Now, the second reason is because I have the chance to review Tiny Epic Western(TEW from here on out)!!! This is a game of buying, dueling, cards and the Old West!

So sit back, dust off your ol' cowboy(or cowgirl) hat off and get an ice cold glass of sarsaparilla and lets take a look at TINY EPIC WESTERN!

As always, here's an excerpt:

"In Tiny Epic Western you are the boss! Round up your posse, range the town and even play poker in this rootin'-tootin' race to buy buildings and establish yourself as the meanest boss in the Wild West!"

In TEW players take on the rolls of one of eight boss cards. Each boss card has their own special power that they bring to the game which can help in various phases of each round. To see which boss you are going to play as, players are each dealt one randomly OR you can choose one you would like.

When my wife and I played our first game we dealt them randomly as mentioned in the rules. From the second game on we dealt two to each player and then picked which of the two we wanted. (House Rule)

Throughout the game players will be placing their cowboy meeples on various locations on the different play mats which are laid out like a wagon wheel on the center of the table. Each space is represented by a box with a meeple in it.

These locations can give you instant rewards OR triggered rewards on which symbol it has(Exclamation point or Hourglass). Some of the rewards may be to increase your influence in either Law, Force or Gold and other rewards could be to use your third meeple on the next round or even to gain an amount of various influences that you choose!

As players take their turns there will be times they want to have a space that a previous player has chosen. This is perfectly normal and one of the great things about TEW is that you can duel one another for the spot!

Dueling happens by both players rolling one of the bullet dice and the higher roll winning. This isn't just as simple as that though, you still have a chance if you rolled low! Taking turns, each player starting with the "loser" can pay one influence to re-roll their die. If you still roll low, you can pay again as long as you have the influence to use!

If this wasn't enough to get you the win, fear not! You're still in this! Players can ALSO reveal their poker cards adding that total to the roll and coming up with an even HIGHER number than the dice would normally allow.

Finally, after both players accept their fates the loser lays their meeple down to show they're "wounded" and the winning player places their meeple ON TOP of the wounded meeple to show that they are the victor! (Seriously people, how cool is that?!?! Adding insult to injury is ALWAYS fun to do to an opponent! :D )

My lovely wife ended up shooting me down for the win here!

So this happens throughout the game in order to buy the best buildings each round. After 6 rounds players tally up their scores using the Town Hall mat to figure out who has what points in each of the industries and what their value is.

The player with the most points wins!

Oh, there are two things I forgot to mention!!!

In the game and during the third phase of each round players will reveal a poker card that they are dealt in phase one of that round. There are also poker cards on each side of all the building mats in the center of the table.

If your meeple is on a mat, you use the cards on either side of that mat as well as the one in your hand to determine your three card poker hand. If you win then you not only get the pot at that mat but the opportunity to buy the building attached to the bottom of that mat! (So this is like 3 games in 1!)

The bullet dice! OMG are these things awesome! I was ecstatic when I had seen them and using them in the game REALLY makes each duel feel more personal! In the standard version of the game you get two of them and in the deluxe you get 4, one for each player!

On to my opinion:

Game Art: The artwork in this game is top notch. While I was playing this I kept posting pics on my instagram and twitter( Follow me! @kyboredgamer) because the art is just that revitalizing. It's great to see a game this small with art so big! I LOVE the art in this game, the box just SCREAMS "western"!

This is the INSIDE of the box top!

Gameplay: The gameplay and setup of this game are fun and easy. From playing poker to placing your meeples to dueling, this game is an all out fun time for all!

Game Quality: I'm not even going to TRY and explain the quality of this game. I will leave it with one word though... Excellent!

So the bottom line, Should you buy this game? Simply put... YES, YES and YES! I don't know what it is about this game but to me it's the perfect addition to any collection.

It's a game you can play solo or with friends, it's DRIPPING with theme and it's so western it makes The Duke himself look like a city slicker!




As always, thank you for reading and don't forget to stop and smell the meeples! :)

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