KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


pReview: The Lords of Rock!

Hey everyone! I recently received a review prototype of an awesome new card game coming to kickstarter August 1st from Solarflare Games called The Lords of Rock! We've been playing it quite a bit and it's got BEAUTIFUL artwork that you can get lost in!

So sit back, throw your favorite band on the radio and crank that amp up to 11 because we're going to take a better look at The Lords of Rock!

As always, here's an excerpt:

"After many millennium of ruling the universe, the various gods of the universe find their power diminishing. The gods came together and the ones with remaining power agreed to wage a battle for the control of the universe.
They realized the only way to do this was adapt to the modern age. They have agreed to a galactic battle of the bands."

To start a game, Players determine who will go first (or in this game, last!) and then pick their Pantheon or band.

Once you select your Pantheon you need to pick which Rock Gods will be IN your band. You'll have your lead god of that pantheon as well as 3 other gods for a total of 4 band members.

Then each player will get 7 Set List cards, These are used to play either on yourself(face down) if it's a positive OR on your opponents(face up) if it's negative. These different cards will either boost your own band members, some of which depending on which size venue you're playing, or the negative ones will hurt your opponents members scores.

Once you have your Set List cards in hand, each player well then draw 4 Venue cards to play during the game. There is an alternate method to draft them(take one and pass the rest to your left) which is also a great way to play.

From there, you are now ready to play the game! Each turn will consist of the lead player placing a venue down. Then all players will start to play their Set List cards. Once all players choose to "Pass" the venue is ready to be played. You tally up your points per available band member(making sure to apply positive and negative cards) and the player with the highest gets the amount of souls(Victory Points) listed on the venue card. The same happens for 2nd, 3rd and so on depending on the amount of players.

The end of the game is triggered with the "last player" plays their 4th venue card and it is settled. From there, players all add up their points and the one with the highest total wins!

On to my opinion:

Game Art: It. Is. BEAUTIFUL! When I talked to Dave over at Solarflare Games about it, I was concerned he was being a bit biased with the art in the game. Well, it turns out he was  BUT rightfully so! It is amazing and you can really find yourself getting lost in the great art for the various venues!

Gameplay: The gameplay is nice and easy, it doesn't drag on and it's not TOO short. It's definitely a game worth keeping near the table when you've got the time to kill and are looking for a wonderful game to fill it.

Game Quality: Now, with most of my review copies of games that are "yet to be" they are prototypes and you can tell. There are a select few devs out there that I've personally dealt with now that make the effort to give you as CLOSE to a final copy as possible for a review/preview when they send a prototype. I'm happy to say that Solarflare Games has joined those ranks in my experience. The copy I received was VERY well put together, VERY professionally done and you could clearly tell they know what they're doing!

So, should you buy this game? If you're a fan of great puns and rock... YES! If you like games that have a slight "take that" mechanic to them, YES! If you like beautiful art that JUMPS off of the pages of the rulebook as well as the cards, YES! If you're not a fan of the "take that" mechanic then you may want to pass but I SERIOUSLY recommend you try it out anyways. You can play it less aggressive if you'd like to which takes care of that. :)

With artwork that would please the rock gods themselves there's no reason not to get this game!



As always, thank you very much for reading and don't forget to stop and smell the meeples! :)

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  1. glad you liked the game I co design thank you so much for the kind review.

    Dave Ferguson