KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Review: Perspective

What's going on everyone!? As I mentioned in my last review, I got the chance to check out two new micro card games from MINION Games which is also running a current kickstarter campaign for a great looking game called Cosmic Kaboom! One of which is called Sun, Moon & Stars. The other is called Perspective, which is what we're going to check out today. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage and lets check out my perspective on Perspective! (I know, fancy word play huh! :P)

(Disclaimer: I apologize for the lack of pictures in this review. Every time we played it I was very much into the game which meant I kept forgetting to take pics, lol!)

As always, here's an excerpt for you:

"Perspective is a competitive game of memory, deduction, and limited knowledge.. There are unique sets of rules for two, three, and four players. The winner is the player who manages to match the colors on the back of their double sided cards with their goal pattern."

As it says above, in Perspective players are competing to  match the back side of their hand of cards to the goal pattern in front of them.

To start out, you give all players a reference card and deal 3 cards to each player. Then randomly deal out 1 goal card to each player as well. Make sure not to look at the backs of the cards that are face down, this part is important for how the game plays! As far as the goal card goes, you're only trying to match to the pattern on the face up side.

Once players all have their cards you put the rest of the goal cards back in the box as they will not be needed. The remaining double sided cards that weren't dealt to players makes a draw deck in the middle of the table. The discard pile will be turned 90 degrees from the orientation of the draw deck to keep them apart and to help know which one is which.

To determine the player who goes first you observe the top card on the draw pile, which ever player is wearing the most of that color gets to start the game. This is a cool little feature that I like. It's something I've not seen before and seems like a fair way to start a game.

On a players turn, the first thing you do is draw a card from the draw pile and make sure to pick it up so that the color that you currently see on it is facing you when you put it in your hand. This way you have no idea what the color on the reverse side is.

Next you choose one card to play. Each color has a different ability, Blue lets you as another player what the color on the reverse side of a card is OR rearrange the cards in your hand, Yellow lets you flip any one card in your hand so that the color you currently see now becomes the reverse color and visa versa, Green lets you trade with your partner (or the shared hand in a 3 player game) and Red lets you reclaim one card from the discard pile and switching it with one in your hand.

That's pretty much the basis of it but to win is a little tricky. You have to figure out what colors are on the reverse side of the cards in your hand and get not only the correct colors on them but also in the correct ORDER as your goal card. If you feel like chancing or guessing it, You're allowed to at any time. However, if your cards do not match your goal card then you have to get rid of your hand and start anew.

On to my opinion:

Game Art: The artwork on this game isn't anything spectacular in terms of a lot going on in the art but that's ok. The art style and direction in this game is PERFECT for the type of game it is and I couldn't imagine anything else in it's place. It's colorful, easy to tell apart and there are even subtle details in the colors as well. It really is a well balanced and thought out theme to the art.

Game play: The game play might take a game or two to get used to(at least it did for us, lol) but once you get it, you "get it". It's quick and easy to play, very thought provocative which I like and can be over by the dumb luck of guessing at times but really takes some thought to win.

Game quality: As with the other game, "Sun, Moon & Stars", this one shares the same great quality in print and card durability. You can tell that this game will last for a while and the box and instructions are of the same high quality you might come to expect from minion games.

So, Should you buy this? If you're looking for a fun quick game that makes you think, then YES! This game is definitely for you. If you're looking for something that you could mindlessly play then you MAY want to pass this one up. To be honest, you COULD play this one mindlessly but it wouldn't be as fun as putting some thought into it. Either way, I recommend you at least TRY this game if you now someone who has it or are looking for a fun, cheaper priced(Only $10!) micro game that makes you think a little and want something to take with you. :)



As always, thank you for reading and take care! :)

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