KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


pReview: Stitches!

What's going on everyone! There is this great game that has a kickstarter going on right now called Stitches. It's from Norwester Games and a little while back I had gotten into contact with them to check it out!

So sit back, grab your sewing kit and make sure heads aren't going to roll because we're going to take a look at Stitches!

As always, Here's an excerpt:

"Stitches is a fast-paced, semi-competitive card game for 3 to 7 players. Each player starts off as a reanimated body and upgrades their body parts by attacking other players or scavenging from a central market, trying to become strong enough to defeat the Abomination."

Stitches is one of those unique games in that players are cooperating as well as fighting eachother. The Co-op part of the game is fighting the Abomination, the one enemy that all players have in common.

In the game, players start out by getting cards with a head, torso, arms and legs to build their starting character as well as 2 stitch tokens each. Then place twice as many stitch tokens as there are players in the center of the table.

As you go on in your turn you will be buying cards with the stitch tokens to replace body parts on your character in order to make them stronger. At some point you will attack another player or the Abomination.

When fighting another player, each person that is in the brawl gets to draw a word card. These are a great and funny addition to the game. As you get more and more words, if another player has the SAME word as one of your cards you can both team up either against another player or maybe the Abomination!

The funny part about the word cards is that you're not supposed to speak during the game because your monster hasn't learned any words yet. As you collect the word cards, players are encouraged to speak, grunt or mumble the words on their cards in order to communicate with other players in the game. This can make for some great memories and it is sure to have hilarity ensue.

As far as how the attacking works, it's a very simple mechanic. You will be using Rock, Paper, Scissors rules to battle. I'm sure mostly everyone on the planet knows how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors so I will spare you (as well as myself) from describing how that works. To sum it up though, the more you have, the better your chances.

When it comes to fighting the Abomination, players may want to work together. This is the head honcho of the game and the boss that all players share as a common goal.

This can sometimes be a very tough fight for a single person which is where the co-op comes into play. To win the game you must disassemble the Abomination. If you can remove all of the parts from the Abomination then you win!

On to my opinion:

Game Art: The art in this game is very playful and cartoony. It's wonderfully executed and helps make the game "pop".

Gameplay: The gameplay for this one is pretty fun. I like how you can work together or against eachother while having a common goal. The market is a great touch as well, this gives you as a player another common goal of buying the good parts before someone else gets the chance to. HOWEVER, not all players will find the same value in a body part as you may so it requires some player reading and strategy if you're trying to shut your opponents down this way.

Game Quality: The quality on this game is wonderful. Keep in mind that I have a prototype version. With that known and considered, I can only imagine that the quality on the final product will improve which is not going to be easy as is because the prototype seems like it has retail quality already!

So, should you buy this game? If you're looking for a great, family fun monster building game then most definitely. Not only is this game great for families but for friends as well. The monster theme really helps this one stay a bit unique as opposed to others out there. If you're someone who is looking for a bit more in depth gameplay and strategy then you may want to hold off on this one. In the end, try to talk someone you know into buying it. It's a great casual game with lots of fun that people are sure to enjoy.


As always, thank you for reading and don't forget to stop and smell the meeples! :)

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