KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Review: Coconuts :3

Hey everyone! My name is Trinity and I will be telling you what the game "Coconuts" is about and how to play it. So sit back grab your favorite juice box, put your Banana down & lets look at the Game Coconuts! :3 

"Coconuts is a fling and dunk, action-packed shooting game with the monkey king!!" 

Coconuts is a game for 2-4 players ages 6+ and takes about 30 min to play. 

For 3 players each player needs 1 player board, 1 launcher, 2 magic cards, and 8 coconuts. You set up the game by making a flat pyramid with 4 red cups under 4 yellow cups in a shape of a "Y". To win you need to make a pyramid with 3 at bottom 2 at middle and 1 on top on your player board! 


To play the game each player takes turns shooting coconuts into the cups hoping to get one in. If you get it in a cup you take that cup and put it on your player board, then it’s the next players turn. 

When a player gets a coconut into a yellow cup the player takes that cup and puts the cup on their player board. However, if a play gets a coconut into a red cup they not only get to put it on their player board but get an extra shot as well. 

Players continue taking turns doing this and using the cups to build a pyramid by stacking them vertically. The first player to complete their pyramid wins the game!  

You can also play the "magic cards" optionally but that’s the ONLY 2 cards you get for the entire game. They have special powers like making an opponent shoot with their eyes closed or making them skip a turn as an example. 

My opinion of the game: 
Game Art: The art work on the cards and boards looks REALLY fun like it came straight from a cartoon!   

Game Quality: The game quality is nice and the cards and the player boards are well textured. Also the launchers are very sturdy and the game seems like it will last a long time. The coconuts do look like chocolate candies and smaller kids might think "hmmm they look yummy". 

Game Play: The game is easy to aim but hard to get in the cups. The game is also REALLY, REALLY FUN and I cant wait to play it again with my family.  

If you like dexterity games then this is the type of game for you! If you don’t like dexterity games that much then you might want to pass and let a friend buy it. I'm SURE you'll have fun if you try it once!

I think "Mayday Games" should add the monkey king wearing the crown so that the winner could play as the king! 
I would like to thank you all for reading this, as it is my first time doing a review and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Thank you!!!! <3 
-Trinity :3

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  1. Great post! The picture of the room with the "no prizes" option is mine. :) My students absolutely love these games, even with no prizes. One other tweak I do: I have 6 tables, so I write the numbers 1-6 on sticks. I show the question, then have every group work together to come up with an answer, THEN I pull the stick to see whose turn it is. If the first table gets it wrong, I pull another stick. When the answer is correct, all the sticks go back in the cup. I found that doing it this way ensured everyone was engaged through the whole game. Play now to game 123 games and run 3 cool math games, game freecell 123