KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


pReview: Barrage Battle!

What's going on everyone?! I recently had the chance to check out this awesome game called Barrage Battle currently on kickstarter. It's a game for card lovers AND miniatures lovers as well! So sit back, grab your favorite beverage and watch out for incoming projectiles because we're going to take a look at Barrage Battle!

As always, here's an excerpt:
"Barrage Battle requires players to throw projectile dice at targets in addition to maneuvering units around the board. The game is easy to learn, yet challenging to master which makes it engaging for players of all levels."

So with that said, let's talk a little bit about the game.

First, players each take a castle, king and wizard card and place them on the board. There are certain specifics to placement but I won't get into that. They're not difficult or hard to understand, just not needed for the review.

After you place your cards and determine the starting player you get to jump into fun right away. Collecting money and mana tokens, buying cards to place in your army and fighting your opponent.

The main premise of the game is similar to that of a miniatures skirmish game in that you will be running around a board and attacking the other player. Taking turns while keeping in mind things such as distance for attacks, are the players cards behind a structure, and the strategic element of moving and placing more of your cards.

Now, the reason this game was appealing to me personally is because I LOVE miniatures games. Doesn't matter what kind, I just love the sense of a good skirmish against an opponent. My lovely wife on the other hand loves card games and isn't really into skirmish games with mini's and such. She feels there's too much involved for line of sight when aiming and other things like this.

HOWEVER, We BOTH love this game! It has the elements that are attractive to me(minus miniatures) and the components that are attractive to my wife in the form of cards.

One of the key features of this game is dice and card chucking. When you use an archer for instance, you count your range and make sure things are able to be hit. Then, this is the best part, you get to TOSS some 4 sided dice at your opponents cards!!!

The number on the dice don't matter for the most part, what matters is if you land ON a card. If you do, it does 1 damage. Now, with that being said there are also cards to be tossed across the board! For instance, if you have a spell that you are able to play, on the card it will say how to trigger it's effects.

Some are instant while others need to be tossed. IF you toss one they can have special ranges such as every space around the one it landed on is effected for x amount of turns. Others are simply target spells that happen instantly.

The dexterity combined with the strategic element is WONDERFUL!

Here's a look at the various types of cards that are in the game. Keep in mind, there are many different cards of each type. :)

On to my opinion:
Game Art: Now this is ANOTHER way the game shines! It has wonderful "Old School" artwork which gives you the feel of an 80's or 90's RPG style game or comic. It's simply great. Imagine the art from the beloved game heroquest and this is close to that style.

Gameplay: The game play is quite simple actually. It's straight forward and easy to understand. I would venture to say that people who have never played a skirmish game could jump right into this one and use it as a gateway game to other miniatures games.

Game Quality: Now, as a disclaimer I have to mention that my copy is a prototype. It's CLOSE to finished and gives you a feel for the way things will be but again, keep that in mind with my pictures. There are TONS of cards which is great, there is a nice sized board which is great, and best of all, cleanup is simple! There's tokens and cards and dice and fun and, and , and... I could go on and on!

Dice, Cards, Tokens and Skirmishing? It's miniature gaming on cards AND throwing stuff across the table! What's not to LOVE!?!?

Bottom line, Should you buy this game? YES! If you are a fan of skirmish games, miniatures, cards, dice, dexterity or BREATHING you should buy this game! If you don't like to have fun then you MAY want to pass on this one... No, seriously though, if you don't think this sounds like a game for you, talk someone you know into buying it so you can have the joy of playing it. One time and you'll be hooked!


As always, thank you for reading and take care! :)

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