KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Review: The Siblings Trouble

What's going on everyone! Today I'm taking a closer look at a different kind of game(at least for me). It's a story telling adventure game called The Siblings Trouble and it's by Pencil 1st Games. Grab your canteen, your backpack and that lucky baseball card you've been holding on to and let's go on an adventure!

As always here's a little excerpt for you:

|In The Siblings Trouble players play as siblings going on an adventure together. It uses a unique way to play a game but also a form of entertainment that has been around for centuries, Story Telling!

Now, that in itself is a really appealing mechanic to me. We all play games that involve story telling in one form or another but this one does it with a twist. It's required "on the fly" thinking really lets your imagination run wild in a world you create with the other players at the table. You can go as in detail as you'd like or keep it as simple as you'd like. There can be violence or non-violence encounters. The limit truly is your imagination.

In the game players choose from among 8 characters. Now, This part is something that my wife and I liked a LOT. How many times are you limited to choosing one gender,  a heck of a lot of times really. In The Siblings Trouble they did something VERY cool. They made each character a male AND female version.

They don't look like a male that was altered to look like a girl or the opposite. No generic art here. They actually have separate artwork for each character and THAT is something that I overlook all the time but have to admit, I appreciate the gesture there.

Why is that so important to me? Well.. It's not really, but it's nice to know that they catered to those out there who it may be important to. To let a little girl or boy play the gender they would like to as opposed to having limited to no character options. Now sure, for us adults it may be no big deal but look at a little ones face when they see that they can be who they WANT to be. It makes a HUGE difference for them. I promise you that.

So once you have your character, you get your special ability token and colored die. (Almost forgot to mention that each character has their own VERY useful special ability!) You then make your adventure deck. This is the deck that you will be primarily drawing from for the rest of the game.

Some things may make you draw from the other decks but think of this as the MAIN part of the story. The guideline if you will, to keep you on track as you progress.

The deck is comprised of a predetermined amount of cards from each of the other decks(This helps the game act as it's own "timer" for the game).

During the game players will take turns drawing from this deck and telling little bits of the story to help tie in how they found something, lost something, defeated something, etc. This is the great part of the game because everyone's stories intertwine to share the same story from their own perspective.

Once everything is set up it'll look similar to this on the table:

From here on out you take turns telling the story of how you came to be where you are. You'll find Secrets, Treasures, Epic Treasures, and even a few foes along the way. It's up to you to determine how they crossed your path.

When you're encountering these different things, there will be times when you have to roll your die. This is to determine if you succeed or fail at any given task or battle. The higher the Star Power you roll or have in total, the better. If you have more than or equal to any given task you have  more than likely succeeded. Less and you may have to go back home!

If you DO get sent home packing, don't worry too much. The game is still going on and you can still find your way back into the adventure on your next turn! Now, if ALL players get sent home or are at the home simultaneously THEN the game ends.

But fear not, That just means you can start a new adventure and see where it takes you!

Below are some more pictures of the various components in the game for you to check out :)

My opinion of the game:
Game Art: Wonderful. You feel like you can get lost in the world that the cards are showing you. I don't know how Edo manages to do it but he finds some WONDERFUL artists for every game!

Game play: Now this part I was a bit worried about going in. Sure I'm a fan of Pencil 1st Games but I didn't know what to expect here because the entire concept was new to me. I'm glad to say that this is a GREAT way to make a game! I was not let down and as a matter of fact, I think I found a new favorite way to play!

Game Quality: As with ALL Pencil 1st games, the quality is top notch. I will always have a space for one of their games on my shelf. The variety between the games they currently have are not like the one before it. For this alone, you can feel safe buying a new game that is different from what you're used to but you know that the quality is great.

So if you have a family gamer group, I think you should definitely BUY THIS GAME! The fact that it's a story telling game does not imply that it's for children, in fact, it can be just as fun with adults. It gives you a closer bond with whatever group you're playing with because of the story aspect alone!


As always, thank you very much for reading and take care! :)

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