KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Review: Heldentaufe

What's going on everyone! I wanted to throw a review together for a great looking game coming out soon that is currently on kickstarter with 89% funding! You may have seen my Kickstarter PSA for it and if not, it's cool, it's cool man.

Now, the game is a family friendly adventure board game for all.

It features an upper world with modular tiles that you can explore away on such as but not limited to:

Forests that contain hidden treasures.
Ponds for fishing.
Orchards for collecting apples.
Trade Markets.
Fields and more!

You characters have different stats as well. Depending on which one you chose, you may have higher HP, Easier potion crafting, Bigger bag to carry your goods in and so on.

The art on the characters are very well done. They give you a sense of fun just by seeing the different ones you can play as.

Now, As I mentioned there's an upper world, there's also an Underworld filled with mosters, traps and treasure!

As you go down to the underworld, it starts to come alive right before you. So be sure to get what you need and back out quickly! Each time you exit and there are no other adventurers there, it completely resets which is nice because if you're close to winning, that could put you ahead.

Speaking of winning, the game relies on you to do various tasks in order to game "Monster Teeth". These teeth act as your points and after you complete certain quests and get your teeth up to 18 total, you can head back to base camp and win the game!

The quests, goals, items and teeth are going to be on cards. You do "this" to get "that". Or sometimes you do "this" and you can choose from "that" or "that". So it's a really nice and level way to play. If there's a card you don't like, you can spend action points to redraw a new one.

If you complete any of your cards, at the end of your turn you'll be able to redraw new ones for free.

So, the game.

Well, I played a few times on the demo and LOVED it. Today I played it with my daughter and she LOVED it as well. She's highly interested in this game and that says a lot for me. Sometimes it's hard to get her to play some of the games we have but I think that's because we have a little "explorer" here with us who wants to go on adventures.

I HIGHLY suggest you check it out. Keep in mind the demo is just that, a Demo. It's a short representation of the potential the game actually holds. Imagine all the fun in that box!

As always guys, thanks for reading and take care! :)

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