KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


pReview: Dice of Crowns

What's going on everyone!? I recently had a chance to play quite a few games of this awesome dice game on kickstarter called Dice of Crowns! It's a fast paced, press your luck, back stabbing dice game for 2 - 6 players. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage(making sure it's not poison!) and lets check out Dice of Crowns!

As always, here's an excerpt:
"Dice of Crowns is a fast paced blend of luck and strategy.   It captures the conflict of a war of houses scrambling for succession, through how 7 Dice are rolled, and change hands. Deceptively simple to learn, advanced play offers tricky choices, allowing players to meddle with fate, up end possible victories, and thwart betrayal."

Dice of Crowns is a 2 - 6 player dice game that takes anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes to play. It's for ages 10+ and is easy to learn while having a nice bit of strategy in your choices but mostly comes down to a press your luck factor.

Being that it's a dice game, you can probably guess by now that it heavily relies on luck to win. Fear not though, even though this may be the case, the strategy for the choices does in fact play an important roll in the game.

You see, as you roll the dice, there are a few different faces on them which have different meanings. For instance, You start with 7 dice, roll them and get 4 skulls, 1 dagger and 2 scrolls. This is where your strategy comes into play.

Before you can count the dice you rolled towards your options, the scrolls get rolled by another player or players of your choice. If they roll another scroll or skull the dice come back to you. If they roll a crown, they KEEP it and it goes towards THEIR hand on their turn. If they roll a dagger then it comes back to you.

Daggers are bad. Plain and simple. They can be bad for you OR another player depending on which mode you're playing. We're going to use these examples as if we're playing the "basic" game.

So, lets say that you passed the dice with the scrolls on them to the next player. They roll a scroll and a crown. You get the scroll back and they keep the crown.

Now, the other dice you rolled get to apply to you. So as we said, you rolled 4 skulls and 1 dagger. The dagger gets placed to the side as this is essentially your life points. Once you get 3 daggers your turn is over.

The skulls that you got can be re-rolled as well as the one scroll that was given back to you by the other player. IF you choose to re-roll the skulls, you either roll all or none of them. You can't just roll one if you have more. The same goes for any other die face that you may be able to re-roll.

You decided to KEEP the skulls and re-roll the scroll. The new result of which was another skull! So now you press your luck and roll all the skulls getting 2 crowns, a skull and 2 scrolls. You pass the other player the scrolls and they roll 2 daggers!

Bummer! That means your turn is over and it goes to the next player.

Now, with ALL that said, it seems like a lot but it truly isn't. All that happens in a matter of 30 seconds or so. Players continue play until they earn 3 coins. The first to do so wins the crown! The first person to win the crown 3 times is the winner of the game!

Among others while I was attending Origins, at one point I even had a chance to share the game while I was at Origins with none other than Nathan Wright who is the developer of Game of Energy!

On to my opinion

Game Art: Well, they're dice sooo.. the art isn't something that is going to be out of this world. However, I DO like the art that they have on said dice. It's very easy to read and identify quickly. The same goes for the coins and fate tokens, you can clearly tell which is which without a problem.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fast and furious. You're quickly rolling dice, getting sets and backstabbing friends when able. For me, this is a wonderful twist on other dice games I have.

It's like dungeon roll except your FRIENDS are the monsters here!

Game quality: Now I would like to point out that my copy of the game is a prototype. It's similar to what the final copy would look like but with 10x better quality. Don't get me wrong here, I LOVE my copy of the game! I just need to point this out for the sake of having a disclaimer. It WILL be of higher quality when you receive your copy.

The big question, Should you back it? If you're a fan of games like Zombie Dice or Dragon Slayer Dice or even Dungeon Roll... BUY-THIS-GAME! It may completely replace Zombie Dice for you and is a GREAT twist on the style that Dungeon Roll offers. If you're not a fan of luck based games or dice games then you MAY want to pass. But for a couple bucks, why not buy the game. You may actually like it!


As always, thank you for reading and take care! :)

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