KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Review: Deathbot Derby!

What's going on everyone! I contacted Zach over at Royal N. Games a while back about getting a review copy of Deathbot Derby to check out. He was prompt to answer and as soon as some review prototypes were available one came my way!

Now to be fair, I've had the game for quite a while now and have been meaning to get this review up. With all the unfortunate events that have been plaguing me for a while now I regretfully haven't had the chance to sit down and write it.

So FINALLY, I've got some time now and what good time it is! The kickstarter for this one is up and running RIGHT NOW! Sit back, grab your favorite weight beverage and make sure you've got some fresh batteries because we're gonna take a look at DEATHBOT DERBY!

Here's an excerpt:

"Long ago, disgruntled fans mourned the cancellation of their favorite robot fighting T.V. show, and took to the underground. Void of caution or regard for public safety, contenders began to build incredible machines of destruction and pit them against each other in one on one death matches."

As you read above, the game is robot fighting!

To start players set up the board by shuffling, flipping and shuffling the deck of floor cards. Since their double sided there's no right or wrong way to shuffle them up. Then you place them down in a 5x6 grid width wise between the two of you and you're ready to build your robots!

That's right, you get to assemble your robots!

First, you pick between the red and blue bots with the only real difference being which ever color you prefer. Then you draw 3 cards from the top of each of the decks; Melee, Movement, Ranged and Secret Weapon. Choose which one of each that you would like and then put the remaining cards back in their respective decks.

Now you shuffle them and let your opponent do the same, returning the cards that were not chosen to their respective decks.

You are now ready to fight!

Place your robots on opposite ends of the arena and duke it out! There are a couple things to note when playing, you can any combination of your actions two times per turn unless otherwise stated on the cards. These actions are quite simply to attack or move.

As you move across the arena there are various tiles that may harm or help you. Depending on what legs you have on your robot also determines if certain hazards affect you as well so choose wisely!

When it comes to attacking it is just as straight forward as movement. To do so, you start by attacking your opponents armor first. Once this is reduced to "0" you can then pick which limb of your opponent you would like to attack and damage! When all of your opponents limbs AND armor are reduced to "0" you win!

On to my opinion:

Game Art: The game art in this game is superb! It has a gritty comic-book style that really captures the feel of the game. The art for the red and blue bot portraits are by far my favorite aside from the box art as well!

Gameplay: The game play for this one is fast and furious while keeping simplicity a key factor in the fun and ease of learning. Because of this, it makes this game go quite quickly which is nice so you can get a good "Best of 3" match in. To top it off, the floor tiles can FLIP! How cool is that!?!

I have to admit, in the beginning I thought we were playing it wrong. It was so easy to play that I figured we MUST be doing something incorrect. To my delight, after talking to Zach about it and him graciously answering all the questions I threw at him I found out we were in fact playing it correctly. Once that was confirmed I realized an important thing about this game. It is one of those pure joys to play!

Game Quality: The quality of this one is something that I cannot directly critique because I have a prototype/review copy. However, I will say that I have another game from Royal N. Games and if I were to base it off of that alone, I would say the quality is definitely something that you could expect from "bigger" companies which is always a nice thing to see the smaller guys able to do.

It doesn't rely on complex rules or all sorts of actions for gameplay. Instead, it relies on the players, their enthusiasm and sheer fun.

I know it says ages 13+ but I feel like this is one of those games that is for ages 10 - 110 when it comes to the fun factor.

So, the big question... Should you buy this game? This game captures the essence of gaming to me and that is: plain and simple fun. So yes, yes, YES! Pick this game up if any of what I've said sounds like something you'd enjoy. If it doesn't sound like something you'd enjoy, that's cool too BUT be warned, if you just give it a chance you see what it feels like to be a kid again and just enjoying the game for the fun of it!



As always, thank you for reading and don't forget to stop and smell the meeples! :)

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