KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Review: World War Z

 The Zombie Plague is taking over the world(the entertainment world that is). From movies to comics to board games, they keep coming out everywhere. It's a time of zombie war, It's time to strap in and fight them off to try and save humanity in World War Z: The Board Game...

Not sure where to begin with this one so I guess I'll start with quality...

The Box; I've seen prototypes that look and feel better than this as a "finished product". It almost seems to be made out of a rather thin cardstock. Couldn't be much more than the typical 110lb that I use.

The Cards; Same goes for them as the box, it's a thinner cardstock but thicker than 110lb.

The Board; It's lacking in art and there's not much going for it. They didn't even use cardstock or chipboard for it but instead used what seems to be a thinner corrugated cardboard. I'm pretty sure the dice would punch a hole in this board.

The Dice; Typical Dice, You can clearly see this is where most of the money went (other than the license to print the game)

The Pawns; Even they feel kind of cheap. I mean, I know they're just plastic pawns but they're hollow and very light. Had they been solid plastic or wood they would have at least had a nice weight to them. Again, think cheap prototype.

Now, As far as the gameplay goes, it's pretty boring to be honest. You move ONE space, you attack hordes in your space, you roll, if you win you draw a combat card, and after that you draw a zombie card and place horde tokens respectively.

The Roles are very lame. I can see potential but still... LAME.Same goes for the weapons, Military guys fighting a war with baseball bats and crowbars.. No thanks. Even the AR in the game doesn't do much other than let you re-roll. No other combat bonus or anything.

What's my take on this one?

If you're looking for something to remake into a better game then pick this up if you can find it cheap.

If you're looking for a game that you can enjoy right out of the box... Leave this one be. It's not there.

So in closing, sure the game is Cheaply made, Lousy combat that consists of luck, Cards that aren't very thematic for a military fighting a war, Has very poor movement action and looks like a cheap prototype.

However...well.. that's about it to be honest.

Thanks for reading. I'm off to re-write some rules and try to make a game out of this mess.

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