KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Review: Disc Duelers!

What's going on everyone!? I'm here with ANOTHER review for the day! This one is called Disc Duelers and it's from Level 99 Games. So pull up a chair, get your elbows off the table and let's check it out!

As always, Here's an excerpt for you:

"Disc Duelers is a fast-paced character driven game of free-for-all battling. Use your skills to slide your discs across the table and do battle with others. Grab items for crazy, game-changing power-ups, and achieve victory by your skills and strategy."

First off, the game comes with plenty of GREAT pieces. All kinds of characters which are represented not only on cards but also on some hefty wooden discs!

This is a dexterity game first and foremost. So there will be a lot of moving around the table and crazy action going on. To start the game players will pick their characters. There's a draft for the character picking process which is something I like.

Depending on the amount of players, you will each get a specified amount of character cards to choose from. After you pick ONE of them, you pass them onto the player to your left. It's important to note that ALL players will start with a micro deck of character cards so each player will get to see those characters before the other players get to them.

Once you pass the remaining cards to the left, the other players do the same so now you have a new set of cards to pick from. In a 3 player game, you continue doing this until all players have 3 characters(we played a 3 player item game so I changed it up a bit for the amount of characters per player).

Now you're ready to set up the play area! Decide who will go first and if you will be using terrain(YES! You can use terrain in this game!! Just pick random items to place on the table when it gets to this if you'd like).

In our game, we decided against terrain for the first few games but did play with items. When you play with items you take the brown wooden cubes which are the "item crates" and you drop them onto the table from 2ft above. Where ever they land is fair game as long as it's within bounds and hasn't fallen off of the table.

Now we're ready to set our characters up. Each player takes turns placing ONE character at a time 1 card length from the edge of their side of the table and flicking them how ever many movements they have.

Once you've gone through this part it's time to start the game! Starting with the first player, you choose one of your characters to activate. Now, it's REALLY simple here which makes for a lot of fast plays. You have 2 basic actions, Move and Attack. You can only do ONE per turn so choose wisely!

When moving, you simply flick your characters disc that many times where ever you would like around the table. Be sure not to hit anything other than an item crate though! If you do, you will have done damage to your own character!

If you hit an item crate you get to draw a card from the item deck and place it with that character that hit the crate. Then give the crate to the player on your right and they get to drop it again as in the beginning.

Item cards make for a great twist in the game. Some of them let you heal your characters, others give you MORE or special attacks and others yet can be used for movement, defending and a few other things. They're really versatile and useful so when you are going for an item crate just remember that each character can only hold ONE item unless otherwise specified on a card.

If you choose to attack instead, you will want to AIM for the other character discs. Depending on the ability that each character has, you will generally cause 1 point of damage to them for each successful hit to them.

Players will continue this routine and making sure to turn the character card they just used to mark it as such. Once all characters have been used, everyone turns their cards back to normal and heals 1 heath point on a surviving character. If any character has taken 5 damage total, they are defeated and removed from the play area.

The basic concept here is "Last one standing wins". So it can take some strategy and fine point aiming to come out ahead. Be sure to take all the surroundings into consideration when you're taking your turn so you don't end up getting your discs stuck in an area.

There are also a few variant modes you can play. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to try them all out but they are definitely on my list when the game hits the table again! There is a Racing Mode, Volley Ball and Soccer(Football).

On to my opinion:

Game Art: Ok, the game art for this game is WONDERFUL, just take a look at the characters. They're very colorful and have an almost "chibi" look to them. The art simply POPS right off the cards and discs and the rule book is perfectly illustrated showing examples of play on nearly every page!

Game play: As I mentioned, this one is a dexterity game. That being said, you will be moving around the table a LOT. The game play for this one is short, sweet and to the point. You're allowed to move the discs however you see fit but once it moves that is considered "legal" so make sure you don't mess up!

Game Quality: The Quality of this game is also fantastic. It's got PLENTY of wooden bits and pieces as well as a sufficient amount of cards to make the game feel really nice. Again, the art also helps with the quality here, it's great!

So, Should you buy this game? If you're a fan of family friendly skirmish games and fun....YES! This is a game that my daughter loves just as much as I do. You spend time trash talking and flicking discs. Getting items and trying to knock the other characters off the table for extra damage. It's just a BLAST to play and I can't wait to play it again!

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY and check out other great games from Level 99 Games!

As always, thank you for reading and take care! :)

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