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KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Review: Shootout!

What's going on everyone! I'm here with another review of a FUN card game called Shootout!

I got a hold of Chris over at New Experience Workshop Games to see about doing a possible review for Shootout! and he was on board from the start. So sit back, tip your hat back and grab a glass of some sarsaparilla, here's the review of  SHOOTOUT! THE HIGH NOON CARD GAME.

As always, here's an excerpt:

"The town of Texana has only on thing keeping it from devolving into dangerous turf wars and deadly feuds... Their fashion for high noon street duels!"

Shootout! is a fast paced, easy to learn card game set in the wild west. It can be played in a matter of minutes for one match or over a short period of time for a few matches. As seen on the box, it can be played with 2 - 6 players so I can see where more fun is involved with more players. As it sits, we have played it with 2 players and have plenty of fun with it though.

So in the game players get 5 cards each. On these cards you will find one of the following:
  • Weapons
  • Titles
  • Familiars
  • Specials
Now, for the most part you're going to have a rough decision of which cards to keep. Your hand consists of those 5 cards and each turn you have to Flip a card from the Draw Deck to the Discard Pile, Pick up the newly flipped card OR risk it and take a face down card, and finally, discard a card.

It can get a bit tough on the decision making because you MAY have a good card(or so you think) but there MAY be a BETTER one just on the top of the deck but that's part of the fun!

Play continues on like this until one player either flips or discards a Shootout card. Once that happens they pic a player to have a shootout with. This is an extremely tense part of the game because you have to try and out do your opponent in order to win the shootout!

When this happens, you alternate turns laying down a Title, Weapon, Familiar or Special cards(You can NOT have more than one of each type in play). Once all the cards have been laid down or one of the players passes, the points on the cards are tallied up and the winner is the one with the higher amount!

Now, it can end right there OR keep going. If you want to keep going you simply deal out more cards to each player from the draw deck and continue. For my wife and I, we played best of 5 and she ended up winning. The last shootout was definitely the closest with her winning by 2 POINTS! That win gave her the overall win out of the 5 games so she was the victor. :)

On to my opinion:

Game art: I LOVE it! The art really POPS but my favorite cards are the ones that look sketched. All in all, very thematic and fitting to the game.

Game play: VERY easy to pick up and learn. The gameplay can go quick or slower depending on how fast players can get rid of and draw new cards. When you do the shootout, try playing a card as fast as your opponent for some tense but FUN action!

Game Quality: Now this is where this game blew my expectations away. I know what you're probably thinking... "It's a card game man, it's not hard to get quality cards made" and for the most part you would be right. Over the years I've played various card games, some I've even had printed myself from card printers. I can tell you that the cards that come in Shootout! are VERY high quality cards.

The quality is SO good that I honestly enjoyed just shuffling the cards as fast as I could and bridging them over and over. I know some poker cards that don't even hold up to these! This is no joke and I'm not just kissing but here, I PROMISE you, the cards are GREAT!

So, should you buy it? YES! If you're a fan of western themes or fast paced, easy to learn and FUN card games, this is a game for you. I know that the games don't last VERY long but that's part of the beauty behind it. It's got plenty of replay value and it's nice to be able to challenge each other in shootouts without actually getting SHOT! Well.. for most of us anyways, lol.


As always, thank you for reading and take care! :)


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