KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Crokinole 4 player!

What's going on everyone!? Today for the "Game a Day" challenge I was wanting to play some more Crokinole (I know I know, You're probably getting tired of seeing me play this one, lol.). I can't help but play it though, My dad and I love this game and have a blast every time we get to play. Since he comes by on the weekends usually, I make sure we play it a couple times because I won't play it without his company most of the time.

So today when we played, I decided to get the whole family involved by playing teams! It turned out to be VERY fun and a very close game too! I'd love to do it again this way some time in the future for sure!

Here's a few pics of tonight's session:

As always, thank you for reading and take care! :)

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