KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Monday, February 1, 2016

Smashing up Squid!

Today my wife and I played Smash Up using the Cthulhu Expansion. It's not too bad. I can see why it doesn't get a lot of love though. In order for it to play right you can only really play a 2 player game because of the madness deck.

Other than that, the cards had some pretty cool abilities on them. Not cool enough to get me to win however, lol. My wife ended up walking away with her FIRST victory in Smash Up if I remember correctly so a huge congrats to her for that one! :)

As always, thank you for reading! :)

Who do YOU want to win the next game, My wife or me? Let me know in the comments and we'll see how it turns out!

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