KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We came, We saw, They kicked my A...wesome Kingdom!

What's going on everyone. Tonight for game night I got my daughter involved in a game with us. You see, It's nice knowing that my wife and I can happily play most games together but we also share the empty feeling when our daughter gets busy with life, friends and videogames.

She's a growing girl so I know things will change over time but one thing I'd like to keep reminding her is that we LOVE playing games with her now, just as much as when she was younger and less "cool"

So anyways, On to the post! :D

Tonight we played Awesome Kingdom. It's a bit of a "take that" or maybe "gimme gimme gimme" type game. We as players have to go through awesome kindom and try to grab as much treasures. magic items, booboo's and points as possible within 3 days. It seems like a pretty laid back venture off the start but then again, you and the other heroes have never met... So who can you trust around here...

So, after getting everything set up and finding out which character we were each going to be taking the role of, we sat in our corners and hatched out our plans against each other and the glorious treasures that awaited us at the end of the journey!

As you can see to the right of your screen here, They're soaking in their characters and coming up with some devious plots, I can TELL!

Pretty much after the first round here. Everything was smooth sailing so I figured that MAYBE I had a chance to walk away with the most gold and present it to my fair lady! She would be SO proud of me!

Awesome Daughter with Heart of Gold!

My very intimidating wife! Goes for the GOLD!

Lil' old me, I just want to peek at everyones cards!

My wife and daughter were at eachothers throats when it came to the point count, It was a CLOSE call but I'm happy to say that they BOTH are awesome because they TIED! That's a Shared win for the devious duo! 15 Awesome Points EACH!!!

But alas, in the end it doesn't even matter! I tried my trials to their best. I ended up with a HUGE amount of points! 7 to be exact... 7...Awesome...Points.

It was a great time and I had a lot of fun.

We need to play more games together, just the three of us. Because it's times like these that my daughter will soon grow out of and have only memories of. If her memory gets like mine does, then she won't know what she's lost until it's gone forever.

I love you sam and trinity, You girls are my favorite tabletop frienemies! :P

As always everyone, Thank you for reading and take care! :)

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