KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kickstarter PSA 8-16-2016

What's going on everyone! I just thought I'd make a quick post to bring a few great games on kickstarter to attention.

These games are either already funded or are in the process of working towards their funding goal but either way could always use some help!

First up we've got an awesome game that I had the privilege of playing back at Origins earlier this year. It's a game called BetaBotz and uses some great mechanisms like bidding and card building to play through a game. There are a number of rounds for each "level" so to speak and each one is a different then the last.

One of the fun factor points for me is that you can work WITH or AGAINST players as you see fit. In one round, you may be able to succeed on your own, in another you might need to negotiate help from another player or players. One other way to go is to sabotage another player by changing stats to make it harder for them to complete any given task which in turn could make you manipulate them into helping you!

There's more to the game but that really sums it up, it's a light hearted take that/give that game and is a blast to play at the table. Be sure to click the image below to go to their kickstarter page to check it out and help support if you like the look and sound of it. You WON'T be disappointed! ;)


Next up we've got a great game that was brought to my attention just the other day. Now, I've not played or demoed this game but it REALLY has me itching to review it. It's a game called Final Act. It's an abstract tank game which has a lot of depth to it. It looks easy to learn, has wooden bits and best of all, was designed by Sharon Katz who just so happens to be a former tank commander!

This one just has the look of fun plastered all over it for anyone who likes tanks or skirmish style games. There is a LOT of info and some great videos on their kickstarter page so be sure to click the image below to check it out and help show some support if this is up to your liking!


Lastly here's a great little game I came across today called Mint Works. It's a pocket sized worker placement game that plays in just 10 minutes and is small enough that they put it in a Mint Tin! This is another one I've not had a chance to review or play but if you read the blog regularly then you know I've got a special place in my heart for "Mint Tin" games with all the appointments I go to because of my physical problems.

So be sure to check out this fun looking game that looks like it would be a hit where ever you have 10 minutes to play a game! Be sure to click the image below and help show some support for the game if you like worker placement games but wish you had one for on the go gaming!

As always, thank you for reading and don't forget to stop and smell the meeples! :)

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