KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Convention Time!

What's going on everyone!? Today for the Game a Day challenge my lovely wife, beautiful daughter, her friend and I played Assassin Con from Mayday Games.

It was a blast to play and had a great secretive mechanic to it. You are constantly wondering who is out to get you while you simultaneously try to assassinate your target player!

After what was a quick first round of learning the game seemed to go by at a nice pace. It was definitely a game that I look forward to playing again maybe with dear ol' pops in as the fourth player some time.

Speaking of dear ol' pops, he's in the hospital tonight and supposedly ok but you can never tell when it comes to heart problems so be sure to keep him in your thoughts. He and I would greatly appreciate it more than you know. With the holidays in the near future it's always a stressful time to hear that a loved one is in the hospital.

Here are a few pics from tonight's session:

As always, thank you for reading and don't forget to stop and smell the meeples! :)

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