KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Man am I thirsty!

What's going on everyone!? Tonight for the "Game a Day" challenge my lovely wife, beautiful daughter and I played Forbidden Desert. Now, I TRY not to have to many repeat games in a row but my daughter was wanting to play FD with all of us together tonight so I agreed.

The game started out great, We had plenty of teamwork and communication and things were going fast. The progression didn't last long though and before we knew it we were fighting off the sand with every turn. The team work and communication stayed great, the desert however, was pretty brutal this time around.

We ended up making it to the VERY last tile that needed flipped before we ran out of sand tiles and the game ended with us buried in the desert. Ironically though, I honestly THINK we would have made it if we had one last turn for any one of us. The problem is that even if this was true, we had the looming threat of the sand tracker which was on it's last marker before ultimate failure anyway. So IF we had one last turn it would have been either success or failure for sure but nothing in between.

All in all it's times like tonight which remind me why I love doing what I do. Playing a game EVERY day and with my awesome girls. Without them I surely wouldn't be half the man I am and I wouldn't have half the fun I do.

It was mentioned on a facebook group how someone wished they could play a game every day. I do realize how lucky I am to do so but it also comes with it's own downfalls. See, if I couldn't play a game every day then that would mean a little good as well as bad.

The good is that I would be able to physically do some of the other things I've had to give up doing because of my back problems. The bad is that I wouldn't be able to appreciate the little time we're given on this planet to try and enjoy it with the ones we love.

Now that the "PBS Special" is out of the way, Here are some pics of tonight's session:

As always, thank you for reading and take care! :)

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  1. You go, Tim. Don't let those sand devils get the best of you all.