KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight

KYBG Kickstarter Spotlight


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pirates, Aliens and Apocalypse!

 What's going on everyone!? I think I've learned how these "Game a Day" challenges are going to be going throughout the summer. Late tonight my beautiful daughter and I played a few different games from a single developer. From subQuark we played Mint Tin Pirates, Mint Tin Aliens and Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse all back to back tonight.

Because we got a pretty late start on the game night this meant the games all ran past midnight BUT were started BEFORE midnight so it's still a game a day. :P

First up was Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse. My daughter hadn't played any of these games so I thought it would be fun to see her impressions of the games after we played. Turns out she Whooped me at MTMA in a best of three match where she had won two games before I could even get a single win! It was a close call though, We were both battling for the bunker at the end and the monster was closing in and FAST.

Next up was Mint Tin Aliens. Another game she hadn't played before. As we played she quickly caught on to the set collection mechanic and it was all over from there. We only played one game but she ended up beating me at this one by ONE point! Starting to see a trend here? Cause I sure am... :P

Lastly we played one of my more favorite of the three which is Mint Tin Pirates. Now, this one she and I had played ONCE before but it was a little while back. Once we both got caught up on how to play, the game play went fast and furious as we were constantly barraging the other players crew and ship.

Turns out yet again, She just BARELY won!

So there you have it folks! All three of subQuark's current games library(Which can be purchased here) played in a night and soon to be reviewed! They also have another one I'm eager to get my hands on but more on that in the future as it becomes available!

As always, thank you for reading and take care! :)

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